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The Bessarabian novel. Poetics of resentment (I) 

  Abstract: This text is excerpted from a study of unloved children from the literature written in Bessarabia.How do these children not loved by their parents grow up? What are the consequences in adulthood? How does their spiritual behaviour evolve when theu are adults? The first „case of study” is the novel „The summer when my mother’s eyes were green” by Tatiana Țîbuleac. The novel’s impact is due to the force with which the author artistically transfigured the great, almost improbable, human dramas, in which the clear distinctions between lucidity and madness, tenderness and hatred, vulnerability and strength disappear, in which the sublime is intertwined with the tragic, the suffering with the joy, the life with the death. This novel, through a polychrome amalgam of human feelings’ registers, skilfully orchestrated stylistically and with a well-structured narrative thread, releases through all pores the verisimilitude.

Keywords: death, suffering, cancer, forgiveness, love, hate, mother, green eyes.

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The use of the Romanian Language in the Civil Regional Tribunal of Bessarabia (1818-1869)


Abstract: In this article, based on the information from the archives and the bibliographical sources of that time, it is examined the functioning of the Romanian language in the sphere of justice in the Bessarabian context, in the conditions of a  diglossia linguistic situation established de jure on the 23rd of July 1812. It is also reflected the mode and the level of use of the Romanian language by the Regional Civil Tribunal of Bessarabia (1818-1869).

Keywords: social field, language functioning, diglossic linguistic situation, immigrant language, sociocultural framework.

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The night regime of the gastronomic imaginary in literature

or about the unusual character of the food


Abstract:In this article we aim to address the subject of food in literature as an eminently negative factor. Viewed through the prism of the “nocturnal regime of the imaginary” (G. Durand)food can be represented by the mystery of darkness,so that a clear aspect of the “kitchen motif that doubles as an anti-kitchen” (Claude Lévi-Stauss) is fully outlined.We will bring as examples fragments and analyzes of texts from curses, fairy tales, stories, literary texts that containallusions to the gastronomy of negative menus/predispositions that influence personal human behaviorand the negative propensity on others fragments of myths that contain clues about gastronomy and the origin of food in a negative context.We will refer to the indirect description of the character starting from the consumption of food as displeasure,need or habit.We will reflect on the consumption of strange/shocking foodwho turn the characters into superheroes (they have unsuspected powers, they can do what they previously couldn’t),or it put them under the sign of disgrace and repulsion.

Keywords: nocturnal, displeasure, anti-cooking, negative, food, imaginary, disgrace.

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The avatars of criticism in the context of cultural wars

Abstract: The article debates the evolutions of “critique” in its philosophical, cultural and institutional meanings, examined in the context of Western cultural wars, on the background of cultural and economic neoliberalism. From an interdisciplinary perspective, tendencies and causes of paradigmatic crises and mutations in the fields of culture and criticism are argued and explained, given their relevance to the current problems faced by both the humanities and our society involved in the dynamics of globalization.

Keywords: Culture Wars, Critique, Cultural Neoliberalism, Globalization, Acceleration, Hermeneutics of Suspicion, Value Incommensurability.

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